The New Jersey senator wants to show Kaling a different side of Newark

Is a new romance blooming in Newark, New Jersey?

On a recent episode of her show, The Mindy Project, Mindy Kaling’s character Mindy Lahari made a dig at Newark — and it caught the attention of the city’s former mayor and current New Jersey Senator Cory Booker.

And Booker, it seems, wasn’t about to take the insult lying down. He tweeted at Kaling, sending her the link of a recent Newark travel guide published by Vogue — and told her he still loved her.

Kaling then responded, telling him that Lahari’s shade actually means that Newark is pretty cool — and that she loves him too!

Booker said that Kaling’s response made his day, and then he popped the question: Dinner together in Newark?

And she accepted!

The official PATH Twitter account was quick to lend a hand.

With no respect for the PATH train, Booker offered to send Kaling a car to hop across the river.

Is this the start of the greatest Washington-Hollywood (or should we say, New Jersey-New York) romance ever? Either way, it gave us some pretty adorable Twitter banter, and confirmed that Booker, like many, is a fan of The Mindy Project.