CNN Host Jake Tapper Slams Rush Limbaugh for His Homophobic Comments About Pete Buttigieg

"We should point out Buttigieg is married to one man. I don't even know what number spouse Limbaugh's up to," Tapper said

CNN host Jake Tapper called out conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh’s potential hypocrisy Thursday night after the controversial right wing radioman made fun of Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg in a homophobic argument during his show on Wednesday.

“We should point out Buttigieg is married to one man. I don’t even know what number spouse Limbaugh’s up to,” Tapper said after CNN aired a report on Limbaugh’s comments. (Limbaugh has been married four times.)

Buttigieg, 38, hasn’t responded to the 69-year-old radio host’s homophobic comments; Tapper noted that Joe Biden had defended his fellow Democratic candidate, applauding his service in the Navy and in Afghanistan.

On Wednesday, Limbaugh (who is facing advanced lung cancer) referred to Buttigieg as “Booty Judge” and said President Donald Trump, 73, would probably “have fun” with Buttigieg for being publicly affectionate with his husband, Chasten, 30.

“[The Democrats are] sitting there and they’re looking at Mayor Pete … gay guy, mayor of South Bend, loves to kiss his husband on the debate stage — and they’re saying, ‘Okay, how’s this going to look?’ ” Limbaugh said Wednesday. “A … gay guy kissing his husband onstage next to ‘Mr. Man’ Donald Trump — what’s going to happen there?”

“A gay guy … loves kissing his husband on debate stages, can you see Trump have fun with that?” Limbaugh continued.

Furthermore, Limbaugh said that American voters were “still not ready” to elect an LGBTQ candidate to the White House.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg, right, and his husband Chasten Buttigieg acknowledge the audience at the end of a campaign event, in Milford, N.H Election 2020 Pete Buttigieg, Milford, USA - 10 Feb 2020
Chasten (left) and Pete Buttigieg. Matt Rourke/AP/Shutterstock

Limbaugh’s comments come after President Trump awarded him with the Presidential Medal of Freedom during his State of the Union address on Feb. 4.

A wave of criticism came shortly after news broke that Trump would give the radio host, who has a long history of controversial speech, the award – widely regarded as the highest civilian honor.

“First of all, the Presidential Medal of Freedom is an extraordinarily sacred award. We’re talking about putting someone on the same level as Rosa Parks, for example, in terms of their contributions to American progress,” Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said on Instagram after Trump paused his State of the Union speech to give Limbaugh the award. “Rush Limbaugh is a virulent racist.”

Last week on The View, Buttigieg was asked how he would respond an Iowa voter who said in a viral video that she changed her mind about voting for him during the Iowa Caucus after she learned he was gay.

“Well, what I want her to know is that I’m running to be her president, too,” he said, as the audience applauded his response. “Of course, I wish she was able to see that my love is the same as her love for those that she cares about, that my marriage means as much to me as hers, if she’s married.”

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