Chrissy Teigen Explains Her Reaction to President Trump's Tweets About Her: 'I Was Really Angry'

The president called Chrissy Teigen "filthy mouthed" during a series of tweets on Sunday

Chrissy Teigen is opening up about her Twitter exchange with Donald Trump, days after the president called her “filthy mouthed” and attacked her “boring” husband, John Legend.

In a new interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, her first after the president’s tweets, Teigen said, “[Trump] just goes on these rants … you just wait for him to say something but you don’t think it’s gonna be you.”

“We all wait for our day to come, and mine happened to be Sunday,” Teigen, 33, quipped to Ellen DeGeneres.

The model and mother of two explained that Trump’s tweets came after Legend had been interviewed for a story on MSNBC about criminal justice reform. In his tweets, the president complained that Legend, Teigen, and others had, in his view, failed to credit him properly for supporting criminal justice reform.

“I was not part of it at all,” Teigen said of the MSNBC story. “Donald for some reason thought that John was taking all the credit for it — and me. I didn’t even know he was filming this thing, honestly, I didn’t know anything about it.”

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Though she said she couldn’t see Trump’s tweets at first — because the president blocked her on Twitter — Teigen explained that her friends sent her screenshots.

“He went and he called John a ‘boring musician’ and ‘his filthy mouthed wife’ which, those two things are true,” she joked. “John is boring, I do have a filthy mouth.”

“We spent the entire rest of the night just sitting … handing each other our phone,” Teigen explained of herself and Legend, 40. “‘Should I say this? Should I say this?’ ‘No.’ ‘Should I say this?’ ‘No, it has to be funnier.’ ‘No, because we’re mad!’ It went on all night.”

Not long after Trump, 73, first attacked her, Teigen tweeted, referencing her 3-year-old daughter: “Luna, remember the night before your first day of school? When mommy was making your sign and the p— ass bitch president had his 9th meltdown of the day.”

After her tweet, Teigen and Legend tried to get #P—AssBitchPresident trending on Twitter. “We’re still working on how to copyright the correct term,” Teigen joked on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

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“It was a weird feeling,” the cookbook author said of her reaction to the president’s tweets. “I was really angry, I think my eyes filled up with water at the shock of it that, ‘I can’t believe this really happens right now.'”

“But you realize why you love Twitter and you love your friends,” she continued. “I had so many group chats going that night of hilarious people and people making funny videos, so then you laugh about it.”

Following the Twitter exchange, many celebrities have sided with Teigen.

On Monday, Meghan McCain tweeted, “Since when is there something wrong with being a filthy mouthed wife?” and added the hashtag #teamchrissy.

“What a beautiful mama you are! I love your sign!” actress Patricia Arquette responded to Teigen’s tweet about Luna’s first day of school. “Sorry you have to suffer the fool!”

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