Every Time Chris Cuomo and Governor Andrew Cuomo Have Bickered on National Television

Good to know that siblings are the same, no matter how famous they are

Chris Cuomo Embarrasses His Brother and threatens to hang up on him
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Amid the spread of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, there has been one bright spot: every now and then, news anchor Chris Cuomo and his brother, Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo, get on national television and bicker.

No, really, the pair have been doing interviews with one another for the past two months, but because they're brothers, they manage to bicker every single time. The results have been entertaining (but still informative) interviews that, quite simply, make everyone who has ever had a sibling feel seen. Chris, 49, is the younger sibling who antagonizes his big brother relentlessly, while Governor Cuomo, 62, plays the part of the no-nonsense big brother flawlessly. Some things really don't change despite fame and widespread recognition.

It all started when Chris interviewed his older brother and told him that he needed to call their mother.

His politician brother was quick to respond, "Yeah, I called mom just before I came on this show. By the way, she said I was the favorite. Good news, she said you are the second-favorite son." When Andrew returned to the broadcast for another interview, Chris thanked him for returning, to which Gov. Cuomo replied simply: "Mom said I had to."

When it was announced that Chris tested positive for the virus, Governor Cuomo made a statement about his little brother.

And of course, managed to sneak in a brotherly jab: "He's strong ... not as strong as he thinks."

It's okay. Chris got his brother back when he joined him for a press conference.

And of course still managed to rib his brother in the process, telling him (and the world), "You came to me in a dream. You had on a very interesting ballet outfit and you were dancing in the dream and you were waving a wand and saying, 'I wish I could wave my wand and make this go away,' and then you spun around and you danced away."

The brothers could barely keep it together after that. Andrew said, "I think the fever is effecting your mental capacity."

Then, Andrew called Chris the "meatball" of the family after Chris flaunted the fact that he knew how to make their mom's tomato sauce.

I can confirm that this is a big deal in Italian-American families.

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When Chris asked, in a way only a little brother can, whether or not Gov. Cuomo would be running for president.

"How can you know what you might think about at some point right now?" — Every younger sibling when they are told "no."

When Chris let everyone know that his wife, Cristina was diagnosed with COVID-19, and Governor Cuomo was very sympathetic ...

... until he said, "You think Cristina's gonna blame you for this. There's a lot of other things, as we know, she can blame you for, so this is gonna be number 17 on the list. So I wouldn't worry about that."

When Chris called his brother the "Love Gov" and Andrew responded by saying, "I am the Love Gov. I'm a cool dude in a loose mood, you know that."

Chris, in true little brother fashion, rolled his eyes. Then, the pair bickered about whether or not Andrew would run for president and every sibling in the world felt totally seen. At one point, Andrew jokingly threatened his little brother, saying, "Don't laugh. You're gonna pay, Chris. One day you're gonna be better."

Then, because that wasn't enough, Chris pulled up a photo of a young Andrew, which embarrassed the governor so much that he had "no words" and even threatened to leave the interview.

When Chris told his big brother to keep his ego in check ...

... and Andrew told him, "Some people say I shouldn't come on this show because you harass me." All the while Chris badgered him, saying, "Can't take it? Want a pat on the back?"

When Chris brought props to their interview.

Chris showed footage of his brother getting tested for COVID-19 on television in an effort to encourage others to do so, but he couldn't help but make a few jokes at his big brother's expense. After rolling the footage, Chris immediately joked with his brother about the test, eventually bringing out a comically large giant swab and asking if it was the same one the nurse used "to fit up that double-barreled shotgun that you have mounted on that very pretty face." Governor Cuomo couldn't hold it together and burst out laughing saying, "That is so not right. This is not love."

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