The New Jersey governor caught Paul DeJong's foul ball, and ended up giving it away to a child

By Karen Mizoguchi
July 18, 2017 09:07 PM

Chris Christie seemingly can’t catch a break.

The New Jersey governor, 54, was relentlessly booed at Tuesday’s St. Louis Cardinals vs. New York Mets game inside New York City’s Citi Field for catching Cardinals infielder Paul DeJong’s foul ball.

Christie swiftly caught the baseball with his left hand while remaining in his seat, however the impressive (and lucky) snatch did not impress the N.Y. crowd. In the end, the politician gave away his ball to a young child.

“Nice to see him get from the beach to the ballpark,” Fox Sports announcer Dan McLaughlin remarked during his play-by-play.

Credit: Andrew Mills/NJ Advance Media/AP

Not only did the announcer bring up #Beachgate, viewers and social media users alike did not forget Christie’s viral beach photo.

The baseball outing comes over two weeks since Christie was slammed for sunbathing on Island Beach State Park, which he had closed to the public due to a state government shutdown. Days before the Fourth of July holiday, Christie ruled against the New Jersey government after he and Democratic assembly speaker Vincent Prieto failed to agree on a new budget before the July 1 deadline.

Also on Tuesday, Christie gave his first on-camera interview post-Beachgate.

Speaking with MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace, the father of four defended his decision to close the beach. “I want to talk about your image, not beaches. Why don’t you care how you’re perceived?” Wallace asked.

“I do care how I’m perceived, but I’m not gonna sacrifice my family for public perception,” Christie responded, adding: “I had to make a choice between political optics and my family. When I have to make a choice between the two, I have never made anything clearer to the people of New Jersey — I’m picking my family.”