"I think there are lots of ways to get involved, clearly running for public office is one of those," the former first daughter said

By Stephanie Petit
April 04, 2017 11:10 AM

Chelsea Clinton is following in mom Hillary Clinton‘s footsteps — but that doesn’t necessarily mean she’ll be running for public office.

The former first daughter, 37, denied that her name would be on a ballot anytime soon during an interview with CBS This Morning Tuesday, but she’s also not shying away from getting politically involved.

“No, no, no,” Clinton responded when asked if she’d be running for public office. “But I do think it’s important that we be talking about all the different ways that it is possible to engage in the world. Being a citizen isn’t something that just happens in an election year — I think it’s something that is a call for action for each one of us every single day.”

She added, “I think there are lots of ways to get involved, clearly running for public office is one of those.”

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Clinton said that to run for office one needed to be confident he or she was the best person for the job.

“I clearly don’t agree with our president, but I’m definitely not the right person to run to defeat him in 2020. So right now, the answer is no,” she said. “But I think we all need to be asking ourselves that question periodically.”

As for her mother, Clinton thinks she will continue to stand up for causes she believes in by making speeches and encouraging young people to consider political careers.

“She’s trying to figure out what she can do to help support so many organizations, like Planned Parenthood, who are standing on the front lines to defend our fundamental rights,” said the mother of two. “And I am just really grateful that she’s out there doing that work because I believe as strongly today as I did last year and the year before about what we need to protect and advance progress.”

Clinton also said she was grateful that the former Democratic presidential nominee finally has some free time.

“I’m just really grateful to have more time with her now than I’ve had in a long time,” she said.

Chelsea Clinton - Babies

Clinton also had a message for anchor Gayle King to pass on to longtime pal Ivanka Trump, who will air an interview with the current first daughter on Wednesday morning.

“I hope her kids are doing well,” Clinton said. “I hope they’re enjoying their new home in Washington.”