Chelsea Clinton Talks Candidly About Crumbling of Friendship with Ivanka Trump: 'She Went to the Dark Side'

In an interview with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live, Chelsea also said that she has no intention of reading Jared Kushner's new memoir

Hillary Clinton and Chelsea Clinton
Hillary and Chelsea Clinton on "Watch What Happens Live". Photo: Bravo/Charlie Sykes

Chelsea Clinton shared her honest feelings toward Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner during a Thursday interview on Watch What Happens Live.

Chelsea and her mother, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, sat down with Andy Cohen to talk about all sorts of things ahead of the Friday premiere of their new Apple TV+ show, Gutsy. One of the topics that arose during the interview was Chelsea's onetime friendship with the daughter of Hillary's political rival, former President Donald Trump.

Prior to the turbulent 2016 presidential election, Chelsea considered Ivanka a friend, she told Cohen. "I mean, she's not the person I called when I was curious about something for my kids or was debating a life decision," Chelsea clarified. "But we were definitely friends."

Then, Chelsea said, "she went to the dark side."

The businesswomen's once-thriving friendship was well-documented throughout the years. In 2015, Chelsea told PEOPLE that Ivanka was a "great woman" whom she was "really grateful" to have formed a bipartisan bond with.

The following year, Ivanka echoed the sentiment, telling PEOPLE that their connection "has never been about politics" and likely wouldn't be about politics in the future, despite their parents' public spats.

Ida Mae Astute/ABC via Getty Images; Alex Wong/Getty Images

But during that period of optimism, a division was beginning to grow between the Trump and Clinton families, as Donald and Hillary became frontrunners to succeed President Barack Obama in the White House.

Shortly before Donald clinched the Republican nomination for president in 2016, he told PEOPLE that his days of treating Hillary amicably were over — a point that was all but assumed after branding her as "crooked Hillary" on the campaign trail. "I was friendly with her when I was a business person because it was to my advantage to be friendly," Donald said at the time. "When you are in business you have to be friendly with everybody: Republican, Democrat, secretary of state."

Even so, Ivanka didn't seem concerned about what her father's worsening relationship with Hillary meant for her and Chelsea, saying, "We're both incredibly supportive of our parents — as we should be — but we also continue to have great respect for one another."

Four months later, though, they spoke for the final time, Chelsea has now revealed.

"It is true that I spoke to Ivanka in November of 2016 — the last time I've spoken to her," Chelsea told Cohen, acknowledging that Ivanka called her after the election.

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Cohen asked the Clinton women if they've read Jared Kushner's new memoir, in which he claims that Ivanka's reason for calling Chelsea was to organize a dinner between the two families. Both Hillary and Chelsea said they had not read it.

"We missed that," added Hillary, followed by Chelsea's remark: "And we'll keep missing it."

Chelsea also noted that she doesn't remember being invited to dinner on that call, seeming to refute Kushner's account of their interaction.

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