A reporter for Breitbart, the far-right news website once run by Bannon, tweeted that his comment was "a joke"

By Tierney McAfee
June 20, 2017 01:24 PM
Credit: Stephanie Keith/Getty Images

If Trump adviser Steve Bannon was joking when he suggested that White House press briefings have recently been held off-camera because “Sean [Spicer] got fatter,” Chelsea Clinton is not laughing.

On Tuesday morning, Clinton called out Bannon for “fat shaming” the White House press secretary as a way to “justify increased opacity” in President Trump‘s administration.

The former first daughter retweeted an Atlantic article about the waning press briefings in the White House, which included Bannon’s alleged explanation, via text message, to a reporter: “Sean got fatter.”

The Atlantic noted that Bannon did not respond to follow-up beyond that.

Clinton stood her ground when a reporter from Breitbart, the far-right news website once run by Bannon, tweeted that Bannon’s comment was “a joke.”

“Oh ok. So using far shaming to avoid answering questions about increasing opacity,” Clinton fired back. “Got it. 2017.”

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She also responded to another Twitter user who called her tweet a “PR-Managed response from the humor-impaired left.”

“Fat shaming isn’t a joke I find funny. Ever,” Clinton said.

The author of the Atlantic article, Rosie Gray, tweeted Tuesday that “we’re already several steps further into the ‘Sean got fatter’ controversy than I thought we would be.”

The dust-up comes the same day Time confirmed Spicer is interested in to walk away from the podium to take on the role of Senior Advisor for Communications on a full-time basis, according to two officials.

However, the White House announced Tuesday morning that Spicer would hold an on-camera briefing later in the afternoon.