Stephanie Keith/Getty Images
March 03, 2017 02:38 PM

The Trump administration is reaching across the aisle — and it’s all thanks to Chelsea Clinton.

After the photo of Kellyanne Conway’s controversial couch-kneeling in the Oval Office made its way around the Internet, some unsavory jokes and comparisons began to creep up, including one from Louisiana Representative Cedric Richmond, a Democrat.

And in a moment of bipartisan support, Clinton tweeted her outrage at the jokes, calling them “despicable” while admitting she never thought she’d be demanding an apology to Conway.

Conway herself thanked Clinton for her show of support, saying “as moms to Charlottes” — one of Conway’s four children shares a name with Clinton’s 2-year-old daughter — she “appreciates” Clinton speaking up.

In previous weeks, Clinton has used her Twitter account for a different purpose: To vent her frustrations and critique the policies of her mother’s former opponent, President Trump.


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