Celebrities Including Bette Midler, Cole Sprouse & More React After President Trump Is Impeached

In a history-making vote on Wednesday night, the House of Representatives impeached the president on charges of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress

Stars are sounding off after President Donald Trump was impeached by the House of Representatives on Wednesday night.

The House voted to impeach Trump, 73, on charges of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress in connection with the Ukraine scandal, making him only the third president in United States history to be impeached and forcing him to stand trial in the Senate in the new year.

Celebrities including Bette Midler, Cole Sprouse, Jon Voight, Alyssa Milano and Antoni Porowski all tweeted about the history-making vote on Wednesday — with some stars celebrating the decision, others slamming it, and some asking questions about the impeachment process.

“I expected this moment but I expected to be more joyful,” Milano, 47, wrote after the impeachment vote. “Maybe jump up & do a happy dance. Maybe. But I’m just sad and heartbroken. What he’s left behind can’t be erased with this vote. The bigotry and xenophobia he’s emboldened. The lies. It will take generations to recover.”

“This is a terrible day in our country’s history,” she added. “But a great defense of our democracy.”

Bette Midler; Donald Trump; Cole Sprouse
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Sprouse, 27, tweeted: “Time for a celebration.”

“‘It doesn’t mean he’s out of office yet!!!!'” he added in another tweet. “Yeah everyone knows stfu. Take the win, carry the momentum.”

Midler, 74, simply wrote: “Impeached.”

“This President is not being Impeached because he’s a liar or immoral or a misogynist or a white nationalist or incompetent or ignorant. He’s being Impeached because he committed the High Crimes of Abuse of Power & Obstruction of Congress,” director Rob Reiner tweeted.

Meanwhile, Voight, 80, shared a video in which he slammed the impeachment vote and encouraged his followers to pray for the country.

“The evil is trying to win,” he said. “This is a battle for truths and the left are afraid of the true truths that President Trump has brought forth. This is America: We are strong, we are smart and our leader, President Trump, has shown us this. If the impeachment proceeds, America will fall.”

Jersey Shore‘s Vinny Guadagnino also expressed skepticism, tweeting: “People want Trump impeached but you really want Pence? He reminds me of one of the founding fathers in The Purge.”

“Dangerous precedent…gonna cause a major tit for tat retaliation now for whomever is in power,” Kristie Alley wrote. “Fasten your seatbelts, it’s gonna be a bumpy decade.”

Other celebs, including Porowski and Lizzo, simply shared their questions about the next steps in the impeachment process.

“WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?” Lizzo tweeted, while the Queer Eye star, 35, questioned: “Asking for a friend who is me: Can a president be re-elected if they were impeached?”

By a vote of 230 to 197 (and one present vote), the House’s Democratic majority overcame Republican resistance in the minority for the abuse of power charge on Wednesday night. And by a vote of 229 to 198 (with one present vote), the House voted for the obstruction of Congress charge.

Trump, who has adamantly denied wrongdoing despite testimony otherwise, will now be tried in the Republican-controlled Senate and a conviction, which would require the votes of nearly two dozen Republican senators, is far from certain.

Earlier Wednesday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said impeachment was the House’s constitutional obligation after Trump allegedly pressured Ukraine to investigate his political rivals.

“Today, as speaker of the House, I solemnly and sadly open the debate on the impeachment of the president of the United States,” she said. “If we do not act now, we would be derelict in our duty. It is tragic that the president’s reckless actions make impeachment necessary. He gave us no choice.”

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