"I think our best move to get back to a constitutional government is in the Republican party," Jenner said at the Republican National Convention Wednesday

By Aurelie Corinthios
July 20, 2016 03:45 PM

Caitlyn Jenner has made it known she’s a lifelong Republican – and that won’t be changing any time soon.

Speaking at a Q&A hosted by the LGBT-focused American Unity Fund on Wednesday morning , day three of the Republican National Convention, the I Am Cait star opened up about her views on the GOP.

According to Variety, Jenner, 66, said she’s been “disappointed” in the Republican party’s platform during the past 10 years. (Other speakers at the event, meanwhile, called this year’s GOP platform “downright hostile” to LGBT concerns.)

But that being said, the former Olympian maintained she still strongly identifies as a Republican, reports Variety.

“I want to help the Republican party in so many ways,” Jenner said, according to the outlet. “I think our best move to get back to a constitutional government is in the Republican party. I won’t give up hope on it.”

The star once again joked that in the world of Hollywood, it was “harder for me to come out as Republican” than as a trans woman.

Meanwhile, it’s no mystery why certain speakers at the event raised the issue of hostility towards the LGBT community: Outside the Quicken Loans arena where the convention was meeting, some supporters on the streets sported red trucker caps bearing the words “Make Bruce a Man Again” – a twist on Donald Trump‘s signature “Make America Great Again” hats.

During the Q&A, Jenner also took specific aim at the anti-LGBT legislative efforts many states have made to restrict bathroom usage by gender, calling it a “non-issue” and noting that more Republican legislators have been arrested for lewd acts in public bathrooms in recent years than there have been arrests of transgender people.

“Maybe we should ban Republican representatives at the state level from being in bathrooms,” she quipped.

Jenner’s political views were explored on the most recent season of I Am Cait, and the star also shared her thoughts on the heated election with Australian radio show Rove & Sam for Breakfast in March.

“Whoever is the Republican candidate obviously I’m going to vote that direction,” Jenner said. “I have my ones that I like more than others but those are for me personally. Because I really feel like we’ve got to fix this country, we have a lot of, not so much trans issues but fiscal issues.”