Bristol Palin's Instagram Gets 'Hacked' -- By Her 8-Year-Old Son Tripp!

Even eight year olds can have bad hair days

Photo: Bristol Palin/Instagram

Even eight year olds can have bad hair days.

Bristol Palin‘s young son, Tripp, took over his mom’s Instagram page on Thursday with a selfie he snapped of his self-described “bad hair day.”

The photo shows Tripp in the car with his dirty blond hair spiked in different directions and his eyebrow cocked.

“My hair is so crazy #tripp,” the caption reads. The words “bad hair day” are scrawled across the photo in what appears to be Tripp’s handwriting.

Fans on Instagram disagreed in the comment section.

“Nah. Still lookin’ good, Tripp!” wrote one user.

“Wow, he could be the next Justin Bieber! He’s gorgeous!” said another.

Tripp’s mom, the daughter of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, is approximately seven months pregnant with her third child. She and husband Dakota Meyer announced on Instagram last week that they’re expecting a girl, their second child together.

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“Dakota and Tripp officially outnumbered … so excited to let you all know, ITS A GIRL!!” Palin captioned a photo of her and Meyer holding a white and pink “It’s A GIRL” sign.

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The couple are also parents to daughter Sailor Grace, 1. Tripp’s dad is Palin’s ex-fiancé, Levi Johnston.

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