"I don't think I've ever wanted magic more," Rowling tweeted

Credit: Christopher Furlong/Getty

The referendum results are in: Britain has voted to leave the European Union.

With a majority of the votes counted, multiple U.K. media outlets report a 52 to 48 percent decision to exit. Over 33 million eligible voters turned out for the history-making vote that the British had nicknamed “Brexit.”

During the voting hours, the pound hit its lowest level since 1985 as traders reacted to the “leave” victory. The exit process could take a minimum of two years, according to BBC News.

And following the release of early poll numbers several celebrities, both U.S. and Britons, reacted to the news on social media.

Author J.K. Rowling took to Twitter to express disappointment writing, “I don’t think I’ve ever wanted magic more,” and later adding, “Goodbye, UK.”

London resident Lindsay Lohan tweeted a long series of pleas urging her 9.2 million followers to consider to remain. “Good luck with the pound.. will take you about 15 years to get it back up #REMAIN instead,” the American actress wrote.

On the other hand, actress Elizabeth Hurley rejoiced. “And suddenly the birds are singing…..still glued to the TV though #Brexit,” she wrote on Twitter with the Union Jack emoji.

The monumental decision to leave the European Union will no doubt affect not only the British economy, but also the international markets. No country has ever left the EU before. Trade deals will take years to renegotiate. And one of the biggest arguments that will continue to follow team Brexit will be immigration.

So how will the Brexit affect the U.S.? U.K.’s economic decision could impact U.S. corporate earnings because nearly 3 percent of American earnings come from across the pond. In addition, Brexit could continue to push American interest and mortgage rates down.