Bill Nye Says Trump and His Advisors Are in 'Denial' About Climate Change: 'It's Real — Let's Get to Work'

Bill Nye thinks Donald Trump has "fallen in with bad companions" when it comes to climate change

STX Entertainment with The Cinema Society Host a Screening of "The Space Between Us"
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The Science Guy has some recommendations for President Donald Trump.

Bill Nye spoke with PEOPLE Wednesday at a New York City screening of The Space Between Us, a new science fiction film, about the country’s new president. Specifically, the TV personality and science educator shared his ideas for how Trump should tackle climate change, as well as one of his major campaign promises: job creation.

“You want jobs in the U.S.? You want to have industries in the U.S.?” he said. “[Build] wind turbine solar panels. [Get] some geothermal, some tidal energy and we could power the entire U.S. right now.”

Nye also said that he doesn’t think Trump is in complete denial when it comes to climate change, but rather has surrounded himself with people who won’t be proactive about it.

“I think he’s, as we say, fallen in with bad companions,” he said. “So what we want to do is get his companions to come around.”

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“They’re experiencing what in psychology is called cognitive dissonance — they are in denial about climate change because it doesn’t seem possible that humans could change the climate of the whole planet. But we are. There are enormous opportunities if we embraced renewable energy. Climate policy and energy policy are interconnected.”

Nye also said that the United State should tap into wind power, in particular, off the East Coast.

“And the big, unexploited resource? Almost half of the people in North America live in the Eastern time zone, 47 percent, the big resource is wind off the East Coast,” he said. “We have wind turbines off the East Coast, we could power the whole place.”

And Nye made it clear he has no patience for climate change deniers.

“It’s real,” he said. “Let’s get to work.”

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