Delegates Imagine Bill Clinton as First Gentleman: 'He Should Pick the China – All of That'

Can Bill Clinton fill Michelle Obama's shoes? "They are big shoes," says one DNC delegate

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First Man?

First Lad?

First Gentleman?

Your guess is as good ours what former President [LINK‘s title” “” “” “0” ] will be if wife Hillary Clinton becomes the first woman president of the United States. But even as it’s a mystery what his next business card will read, it’s clear that delegates at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia have some conventional – and not so conventional – ideas for how the former president should spend his time if he ends up back in the White House.

“I think he should pick the china, I think he should plan the first dinners,” Heather Steinmiller, a Whip for the Hillary Clinton campaign from Pennsylvania tells PEOPLE. “I think we should break the stereotypes in this country that a first lady has to do one thing and a first male has to do another.”

And the suggestions kept coming.

Tom D’Angora
“Bill will be great at the Easter Egg Roll because he’s been there a lot and he’s great with the kids and you have the new grandkids. I don’t know necessarily that he should pick the china. I don’t know if that’s a former president’s duty.”

Heather Steinmiller
“He should do them all. I think he should pick the china. I think he should plan the first dinners. I think he should do all of that. And I think we should break the stereotypes in this country that a first lady has to do one thing and a first male has to do another. We should be equal in all respects. I think he should do everything that a first lady has done in the past.”

Teresa D. Southern
“I can’t see him organizing the Easter Egg Roll, deciding who’s gonna be the bunny, who’s gonna be the entertainment. But ya know what, Bill just might have to step up. Hillary ain’t got time to figure out who’s gonna be at the Christmas party. I think it’ll be interesting the see those roles change and maybe for us to see how much the first lady does have to do. Those things may come easy to us, but now that a man has to do them, Bill may be like, ‘How does she find time?’ ”

Ron Thurston
“He’d be good at doing the turkey event, pardoning the turkey – and probably stay away from the cooking aspect of it.”

Ako Abdul-Samad
“I don’t think he should pick out the dishes. I’m not sure on his taste on dishes.”

Perhaps an even more heated topic on the floor Tuesday night was whether Bill Clinton could fill the shoes left by First Lady Michelle Obama, who stole the show at the Democratic convention Monday night exclaiming, “When they go low, we go high.”

“I couldn’t imagine a first gentleman more qualified to fill those shoes,” Chris Riker, a delegate from Florida gushed to PEOPLE.

Chris Riker
“As a proud feminist, the disestablishment of gender roles, the distraction of gender roles is so empowering. Not only can girls look up and see Hillary Clinton as president and not on the sideline, but they can also see that it doesn’t matter what is in your pants, but what is in your head and what is in your heart.”

Heather Steinmiller
“I don’t think anybody could exactly fill Michelle’s shoes. I think they’re a separate set of shoes. And we all know a man can’t wear heels.”

Elizabeth Judd
“They are big shoes, but Bill is a phenomenal person.”

The Democratic National Convention festivities continue Wednesday night with speeches from President Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and vice-presidential nominee Tim Kaine.

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