Andrew Harnik/AP
July 29, 2016 01:35 PM

Have the Bernie or Busters finally busted?

#ImWithHerNow was trending on Twitter on Friday, the day after Hillary Clinton accepted the nomination to became the first female presidential candidate for a major party.

More than 51,000 users tweeted the hashtag, with many citing the need to defeat GOP nominee Donald Trump as the reason they swung their support from Bernie Sanders to Clinton.

“Bernie was my first choice but #ImWithHerNow because the other choice is Trump,” one user, @littlegunther13, summed up her change of heart.

Others said they were swayed by the diversity and positive vibes of the Democratic convention.

But a significant segment of users employing the #ImWithHer hashtag alleged that it was merely a publicity stunt paid for by the Clinton campaign.

Other users accused the newfound Clinton backers of being “sheep” who can’t think for themselves.

Even Sanders himself is with her now. The Vermont senator, once Clinton’s fierce rival in the primaries, declared his support for the former secretary of state in a speech at the convention on Monday, saying he was now “proud to stand with her.”

Does Donald Trump Rattle You?

Many have joined him in standing with Clinton. But if Twitter is any indication, it looks like some diehard Sanders supporters would rather stand their ground than ever “stand with her.”

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