Bernie Sanders was moved to tears as his brother spoke about how much their late parents "loved him"

Bernie Sanders rode his revolution through the Democratic presidential primaries on fire and brimstone. But it was with surprising tears that he greeted the finish line on Tuesday.

With his wife, Jane, at his side, the Vermont senator appeared to squeeze back tears as his older brother Larry stood at the Democratic National Convention‘s roll call of votes and delivered a moving tribute to their parents before casting his own vote as a delegate.

“I want to bring before this convention the names of our parents: Eli Sanders and Dorothy Sanders,” said Larry, 82, his voice choked and shaken with emotion. “They did not have easy lives, and they died young. They would be immensely proud of their son and his accomplishments. They loved him.” Calling Sanders “Bernard,” Larry continued: “They loved the New Deal of Franklin Roosevelt and would be especially proud that Bernard is renewing that vision.”

When the camera cut to Sanders sitting off to the side, his face was crumpled with emotion and Jane held her hand to her mouth, shaking her head.

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Minutes later, a composed and full-throated Sanders closed the roll call himself with a magnanimous gesture to his primary opponent, Hillary Clinton, by making a motion to have Clinton nominated by acclamation: “I move that all votes cast by delegates be reflected in the official record, and I move that Hillary Clinton be selected as the nominee of the Democratic Party for president of the United States.”