October 26, 2016 06:10 AM

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have been pulling out all the stops during the last weeks of their presidential campaigns, especially to win the 11 swing states.

And in a new, potty-mouthed PSA for NextGen Climate & Funny or Die’s “Everyone Votes!” Campaign, Ben Affleck, aka Benny “The Sweet One” O’Callaghan, is doing his part to make sure Americans cast their vote on Nov. 8, specifically his fellow New Englanders in New Hampshire. (The clip contains some NSFW language.)

“I’m from Boston, and Boston is in New England which means that New Hampshire is just like my kid brother. You know what I mean?” The Accountant star, 44, says in his hometown accent.

Though the actor, whose name is actually Benjamin Geza Affleck-Boldt, is a proud Bostonian, it appears he has a soft spot for New Hampshirites. “I love New Hampshire. Have you ever been to New Hampshire? It’s f—— beautiful, guys,” he shares. “You can hike Mount Monadnock. You can go for a drive with your buddies, and just get romantic and watch the fall leaves change color. You can go to town halls and debates, and get political, and you can register to vote in your presidential election.”

Affleck also highlighted some important election issues such as women’s rights, climate change and bathroom politics, adding, “Guess who’s got your back in this election? That’s right. My basically home state New Hampshire. Honestly, normally, I’d say the great people in New Hampshire are too good for this f——‘ election.”

While the father of three kept reiterating his love for N.H., he couldn’t help but laugh when talking about the election cycle, calling it “the bigger disaster than the New York Knicks.”

He concluded, “The people from New Hampshire are going to have to register and vote. Otherwise this whole damn nation is going to be cursed.” And for future reference, don’t make any mentions of the “curse” word to Affleck or it’ll bring bad Boston memories of the Curse of the Bambino.

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