The former first daughter tied the knot in Maine in October

Most brides want blue skies for their weddings — but Barbara Bush found special significance in the rain that fell right after she tied the knot with Craig Coyne.

The former first daughter, 36, recalled on Today, Wednesday, that the stormy skies on Oct. 7 made her feel the presence of her grandmother Barbara Bush, who died in April at age 92.

“The second that it was announced that we were husband and wife, it started to rain,” Barbara saidalongside her twin sister Jenna Bush Hager. “I thought, ‘That’s my grandmother. She’s with us, too.’ ”

“She might have been mad that we moved all the furniture out of the living room,” Jenna joked.


Rain and all, the day fulfilled all of Barbara’s dreams for her wedding. “It was wonderful. It was everything we wanted,” she said. “It was small and in a place that we have grown up and have so many incredible memories in Maine. We just wanted to make sure we could do it while my grandfather was still healthy. So we did it out on the rocks.”

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George H.W. Bush and Barbara Bush with granddaughters Barbara and Jenna Bush
| Credit: George Bush Presidential Library and Museum

“It was full of pride,” Jenna added. “There’s a picture of us hugging where I’m actually weeping onto her white dress. I’ve wanted the best for her since the day we were born. She’s the most important person in my life, minus my husband and my kids. … She exudes love and joy, and she deserves that love and joy back.”

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At the Bush family compound in Kennebunkport, Maine, Barbara married Coyne in front of 20 family members. Barbara’s father, former president George W. Bush, walked her down the aisle. Jenna was the matron of honor.

The happy couple celebrated again in New York City less than a week later.

Craig Coyne and Barbara Bush
| Credit: Bush Family Photo

At the wedding, Barbara paid tribute to her late grandmother — whom she and Jenna wrote about in a new chapter in the paperback version of Sisters First — by wearing her bracelet. Barbara said on Today that she was honored to share the former first lady’s name.

“I have had a complicated relationship with my name largely because when I was little I didn’t understand why I would get looks with the name Barbara Bush,” she said. “But when my grandmother passed away, I have a very different feeling about it. She walked into death. She was very fearless about how she lived her life up until she passed away.”

Barbara Bush and George H.W. Bush
| Credit: Evan Sisley/Office of George Bush

“I remember the night that we found out that she had died. … I was thinking about how she showed us all how you should live, fearlessly and leading with love,” Barbara added. “I thought when I was going to bed that night, ‘Well, I get her name now. That is a reminder to me every day to live my life in this way.’ So it’s no longer complicated. I’m proud and thrilled to have my name.”