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October 10, 2018 01:51 PM

Barbara Bush’s husband, Craig Coyne, is new to the Bush family but if his wedding day toast is any indication, it seems like he’ll fit right in with his wisecracking father-in-law, former President George W. Bush.

In an interview Wednesday with NBC News’ Megyn Kelly TODAY, Barbara’s twin sister, Jenna Bush Hager, 36, revealed that her new brother-in-law “used ‘misunderestimated’ in his toast.”

“I am going to get in trouble for saying this,” Jenna said, adding “it was a roast.”

On the eve of his 2000 election to the presidency, Bush famously said — or missaid — “They misunderestimated me,” coining a Bushism that has become a playful part of his legacy.

As Barbara told PEOPLE in an interview just days before her wedding, “My dad is very jovial, of course, and loves to joke. And you can imagine him being that sort of father-in-law that’s constantly joking.”

Indeed, the former president cracked a joke about his new screenwriter son-in-law during Sunday’s festivities.

A wedding attendee tells PEOPLE that Bush joked at one point: “As the lonely artist in our family, I’m thrilled to have another sensitive soul with whom I can relate. Plus, it’s nice to know someone from Hollywood who kind of likes me.”

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Jenna also told Megyn Kelly that her father had an easier time speaking at Barbara’s wedding than at her own. “He had a really hard time at my wedding [because he was so emotional], like honestly he got up to give a toast and he was like — I didn’t understand one word he said,” Jenna said.

At Barbara’s wedding, Jenna says her father began his speech by saying, “I am trying to do better at Barbara’s wedding because I want my girl to know how much I love her.”

Jenna adds, “He had practiced with me so he got through it, he teared up but it wasn’t like a mess.”

“And,” she joked, “his English has improved!”

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