"I'm not planning to suddenly work on the White House staff or something," former president Barack Obama said

Barack Obama is determined to help President-elect Joe Biden succeed in the White House — but he won't be doing so in a formal cabinet position.

"I will help him in any ways that I can," Obama, 59, said of his former vice president, 77, in a new interview with CBS Sunday Morning's Gayle King. "But now, you know, I'm not planning to suddenly work on the White House staff or something."

When asked by King, 65, if he would join Biden's cabinet, Obama jokingly responded, "There are probably some things I would not be doing, 'cause Michelle would leave me. She'd be like, 'What? You're doin' what?' "

The former president — who has largely stayed out of the spotlight during Donald Trump's four-year presidency — also spoke to King about leading a relatively normal life since leaving the White House.

"I'm drivin' along – I'm still not driving," he said. "But I'm in the car, in the back seat, and I'm, you know, I don't know, looking at my iPad or something. And suddenly we stop, and I'm like, 'What's goin' on?' There's a red light!' There's a car right next to us. Some kids are, you know, eating a burrito or something in the back seat. 'Oh. Back to life!' '

Barack Obama
Barack Obama
| Credit: CBS Sunday Morning

In late October, Obama joined Biden on the campaign trail for the first time, praising his former vice president while also slamming Trump, 74, for failing to focus on the nation, particularly during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

"It wasn't personal," Obama told King of his remarks against Trump. "The truth is everything I said, I was just stating facts."

"It is not my preference to be out there," he added. "I think we were in a circumstance in this election in which certain norms, certain institutional values that are so extraordinarily important, had been breached – that it was important for me, as somebody who had served in that office, to simply let people know, 'This is not normal.' "

Joe Biden, Barack Obama
Obama and Biden
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Obama also confidently said that he believes the results of the 2020 election — which Trump continues to argue against, citing unfounded claims of voter fraud — are just.

"Look, Joe Biden will be the next President of the United States; Kamala Harris will be the next vice president," he said.