December 28, 2017 11:20 AM

Barack Obama, Chance the Rapper and Steph Curry are all powerful forces in their fields. And in an inspirational new ad for the former president’s independent mentorship organization, the three men seek to pave the way for a new generation of powerhouses.

On Christmas Eve, the former president shared the new PSA for his My Brother’s Keeper Alliance (MBK), which encourages mentorship and opportunities for boys and young men of color.

In a 2015 speech featured in the video, Obama says:  “I want you to know, you matter. There is nothing, not a single thing, that’s more important to the future of America than whether or not young people all across this country can achieve their dreams.”

The spot also shows Curry at the Golden State Warriors’ practice facility, looking at a video on his cell phone and echoing some of the words spoken earlier in the video by a young man who says, “We’re the ones to inspire our generation, to rise up and stand for the idea of opportunity for everyone.”

This isn’t the first time Curry and Obama have teamed up to promote MBK.

In April 2016, the duo starred in a humorous video called “The Mentorship,” in which Obama helps Curry work on his résumé and shooting form, and beats the Warriors star at Connect Four.

“You don’t need to be an NBA star or the president of the United States to be someone’s hero,” the narrator of the video says.

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