Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton appear to sing to each other in just one of the many viral videos to emerge from the second presidential debate

By Alex Heigl
Updated October 11, 2016 02:39 PM

The second presidential debate has come and gone, and with it, the corresponding amount of hot takes, headaches and fervent arguments.

But do you know what outlasts all of that? Sweet, sweet viral videos. To that end, we got two great ones (so far) out of the most recent round of debates.

First off, there was the always reliable Bad Lip Reading version of the debates. The YouTube channel has been re-doing the audio from television shows, movies and pretty much anything else it can get its hands on for some time now, with regularly hilarious results. Check out its version of the debates:

Depressingly, it is, at times, indistinguishable from Trump’s usual debate speech: “I don’t like how you look, I don’t like your name, I don’t like your anything.”

Also, as it turns out, with the “town hall”-style forum for the second debate, the way the candidates held their microphones reminded quite a few people of a karaoke hall.

Consequently, we got this magical rendition of the Dirty Dancing theme.

It’s probably a safe bet that neither Trump nor Hillary would describe this campaign as the time of their life (and frankly, neither would Adele), but for a few shining moments, we can certainly pretend.

Oh, and keep in mind, there’s one more debate to go: Oct. 19 at the University of Nevada. Maybe something from the Great American Songbook this time around?