The actor and founder of the Thorn organization responded by blowing a kiss in the former presidential candidate's direction
Credit: CSPAN (2)

From Hollywood to the Hill.

Ashton Kutcher testified in front of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Wednesday, speaking about modern day slavery and human trafficking.

Though they discussed a heavy subject, the hearing started off on a lighter note: Senator John McCain joked, “Ashton, you were better looking in the movies,” to which Kutcher responded by blowing a kiss in the former presidential candidate’s direction.

Kutcher is the co-founder of Thorn, a non-profit organization that “drives technology innovation to fight the sexual exploitation of children,” according to their website.

And while he is a movie star, as McCain reminded everyone, Kutcher says he does not consider acting to be his primary job. Of critics who say he should “stick to his day job,” rather than testify on the Hill, Kutcher said his work with Thorn “is my day job, and I’m sticking to it.”

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