The Republican announced said he has not decided who he will be voting for this election
Michael Stewart/FilmMagic
Credit: Michael Stewart/FilmMagic

Arnold Schwarzenegger is not on the Trump train.

The former California governor and high-profile Republican released a statement on Saturday announcing that he will not be voting for Donald Trump.

“For the first time since I became a citizen in 1983, I will not vote for the Republican candidate for President,” the Austrian-born actor-turned-politician wrote in a statement released to his Twitter page. “Like many Americans, I’ve been conflicted by this election – I still haven’t made up my mind about how exactly I will vote next month.”

Schwarzenegger continued by expressing what inspired him to be a part of the GOP.

“I have been a proud Republican since I moved to America in 1968 and I heard Nixon’s words about getting the government off our backs, free trade, and defending our liberty with a strong military,” he said. “That day I joined the party of Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, and Ronald Reagan.”

“But as proud as I am to label myself a Republican, there is one label that I hold above all else – American,” he continued. “So I want to take a moment today to remind my fellow Republicans that it is not only acceptable to choose your country over your party – it is your duty.”

Schwarzenegger’s statement comes just one day after a controversial video of a 2005 conversation between Trump and former Access Hollywood cohost Billy Bush was released. In the video, Trump said, “You know I’m automatically attracted to beautiful — I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star they let you do it. You can do anything. Grab them by the p—y.”