Who is Arianne Zucker? Here are 5 quick facts about the Days of Our Lives soap star

By Dave Quinn
Updated October 09, 2016 01:26 PM

Days of Our Lives actress Arianne Zucker was there to greet Donald Trump and Access Hollywood host Billy Bush in 2005, when Trump was on set of the popular NBC soap opera to film a cameo. Little did she know, minutes before meeting them, the two men were commenting on her appearance — Bush calling her “hot as s—” and Trump popping Tic Tacs “just in case I start kissing her.”

The audio recordings were uncovered Friday by The Washington Post, and are just the latest in a series of offensive statements the 70-year-old made about women in the past — many of which have been used by Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in the campaign ads.

While Zucker declined to comment on the issue outside her home on Friday — claiming “it’s not about me” to CBS’s Tom Wait — the words still had many wondering to know more about the 42-year-old actress. Here are 5 quick things to know about her.

1. She’s a been playing Nicole Walker on Days of Our Lives since 1998.

Despite a two year break from the role from 2006-2008, Zucker has been a mainstay on Days since the late ’90s — earning three daytime Emmy nominations.

Her character, Nicole Walker, came to the fictional town of Salem as a small town waitress — though “scheming gold-digger” might have been her unofficial job title. Walker thrusted herself into the lives of the major characters on the show, picking up a few relationships along the way and one longstanding feud Alison Sweeney’s character Sami Brady.

Of course, this being a soap opera, Walker has had her fair share of outrageous storylines, including a past life in pornography and a 2009 arch in which she stole Sami’s baby.

2. She has an adorable daughter

In 2002, Zucker married Days co-star Kyle Lowder. And while they officially divorced in 2014, they have a daughter together — who Zucker often shows off on social media and brings with her to events.

3. She starred in a Burger King commercial

Zucker was just 16 when she won her first modeling contest. From there, she was whisked off to Los Angeles, Paris, Australia, Japan and New York City — all while signed by It Models.

After modeling, Zucker had roles in commercials for Mazda and McDonald’s. But it was a 2008 commercial for Burger King promoting their healthy apple fries that sticks out. In it, the mother-of-one plays a mom to a little “king” who is not that excited to say hello to his dad.

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4. She has her own charity

While not working on Days, Zucker spends her time working with the non-profit organization ARROW-HEART Adventure Camps — which she co-created with her brother, Todd Zucker, in September of 2007.

The organization stages outdoor adventures for kids to inspire them to “make better choices, build character, confidence, credibility and critical thinking skills,” according to the organization’s website.

In addition to the U.S. offerings, the siblings have tested the adventure camp in London and South Africa.

5. She discussed Trump’s Days cameo in a 2005 interview

Zucker had nothing but good things to say about meeting and working with Trump in a 2005 interview on Soap Talk. There, she told hosts Lisa Rinna and Ty Treadway that Trump was “so cute and charming” and that his cameo was “really good.”

“You just don’t look above” his hairline, she joked.

Trump’s acting abilities were also praised by Zucker at the time. In the scene, here character tried to seduce Trump but gets shut down.

“The first take was a little rough because he was sort of figuring out where he was going, not used to the show,” she explained. “It took us three takes the first time, but the second scene was pretty fast and we were in and out.”