Former Trump Aide Anthony Scaramucci Says He's Voting Democrat and Would Support Joe Biden

Trump's former communications director says he'd still remain Republican but would vote against the president

Donald Trump‘s former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci said this week that he’ll vote against the president in the 2020 election and that he’ll even campaign for whoever the Democratic nominee ends up being.

In a Wednesday interview with CNN’s Richard Quest on Markets Now, the former top Trump aide opened up about his thoughts on the 2020 election as the Democratic primary race effectively narrowed Tuesday night to former Vice President Joe Biden and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

“I would take Joe Biden because of what you know about Wall Street, what I know about Wall Street, they like stability, they like levels of complacency, I think the president is representing disruption from the right,” said Scaramucci, 56, maintaining that he would remain a Republican but vote for the Democrat in the general election.

When Quest asked Scaramucci how he could vote against his own party, Scaramucci said that Trump, 73, is a different kind of Republican.

“I’m a Republican for Joe Biden, because the president is not a Republican,” Scaramucci contended. “I’m not a Trumpist. I’m an old-school Republican like Mitt Romney, old-school Republican like George Herbert Walker Bush.”

(He also said that he would campaign for the Biden in the unlikely event that “he asks me to.”)

Donald Trump Anthony Scaramucci Credit: Twitter

Scaramucci had a brief but headline-grabbing tenure as Trump’s top White House spokesman: In a matter of days in 2017, he was hired to and then left his post after John Kelly took over as the White House chief of staff and Trump’s West Wing roster saw a shakeup that included the resignation of Press Secretary Sean Spicer.

He was also quoted by a reporter after calling up The New Yorker to vent, in profane language, about other Trump aides.

After his exit, Scaramucci appeared on Celebrity Big Brother but left after only six days on the show.

Since then, he has become a vocal critic of Trump, saying last year that the president’s divisive rhetoric was damaging the “fabric of our society” and that he had taken too long to stop defending the president.

Trump fired back, saying Scaramucci was “incapable of handling” his job at the White House and that the only reason he’s on television is because of Trump.

This isn’t the first time Scarmucci said he plans to vote against Trump in 2020.

He told Axios last year that he imagines other Republicans will join him in voting against the president, too.

“[If Trump] doesn’t reform his behavior, it will not just be me,” he said then. “Many others will consider helping to find a replacement in 2020.”

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