Scaramucci also told Colbert that Steve Bannon would be fired ‘if it were up to me’

By Karen Mizoguchi
August 15, 2017 01:04 AM

There was not much “front-stabbing,” but you could cut the cringeworthy moments with a knife.

Stopping by The Late Show on Monday, Anthony Scaramucci chatted with Stephen Colbert to share his 11-day tenure at the White House and his current relationship with President Donald Trump.

We’re guessing The Mooch is a big fan of Game of Thrones as he answered many of Colbert’s questions with references from the hit HBO series.

Here are the highlights from the short-lived White House Communications Director’s interview:

1. “I’m like Arya Stark.”

Scaramucci’s first comments after arriving at his guest chair included a shout-out to Maisie WilliamsGoT character. “I’m like Arya Stark, I took a list of all your comedy writers for my kill list,” he told Colbert as the audience didn’t seem to laugh with the former Trump employee.

“So you’re comedically threatening to kill the people who work for me?” Colbert responded.

“I’m not allowed to joke anymore, I’ve learned that,” Scaramucci said in a follow-up to his Stark joke.

Towards the end of his interview, he made another go-around at his GoT bit, adding: “I’m Arya Stark with the comedy writers but a Lannister with my debts.”

2. “Nazis are super bad.”

In addition to joking about his remarks being “off the record” — a reference to his expletive-filled interview with a New Yorker reporter — Scaramucci repeated his criticism of the way Trump reacted to the protests in Charlottesville.

“He sometimes does the exact opposite [of what’s expected of him]. … Let’s be fair to be him, he did condemn the Nazis today,” Scaramucci said to Colbert after calling neo-Nazis and white supremacists “super bad.”

“Two days later! Does he order his spine on Amazon Prime? Why did it take so long?” Colbert asked Scaramucci about why it took Trump two days to strongly respond.

3. Trump is “a super compassionate person.”

Though the president fired him as communications director in late July, just 11 days into his post, Scaramucci is still deeply devoted to Trump.

“It was super rough on me, it’s super rough on [Trump],” Scaramucci said about being in the White House. “But he’s a super compassionate person. It’s a super tough job, he made a step to give up a luxurious lifestyle.”

Colbert immediately called him out for that specific statement, saying: “Who cares? We’re supposed to feel bad for the guy?”

And amid the violent protests erupted in Charlottesville, Virginia, the late-night host seemed to disagree on Trump’s compassion.

“Mr. President, this is terrorism, not your order at KFC,” Colbert said in his opening monologue about Trump’s Saturday comment on condemning the display of hatred, bigotry and violence “on many sides.”

4. “I haven’t heard Trump complain about” being president.

Adding to his comments about Trump giving up his “luxurious lifestyle,” Scaramucci continued to stand up for Trump.

“It’s a huge sacrifice, I haven’t heard him complain about it,” he said about Trump’s job as commander-in-chief. “That’s him wearing his heart on his sleeve … it’s a fish bowl, it’s a difficult job,” Scaramucci continued, jokingly adding: “Being the communications director is a difficult job.”

5. “I thought I’d last longer than like a carton of milk.”

Scaramucci was fired shortly after the publication of his now-notorious New Yorker interview in which he blasted other members of Trump’s administration, including chief strategist Steve Bannon and then-Chief of Staff Reince Priebus.

“When you take a job like that you know your expiration date is coming. I didn’t think I would last too long, but I thought I’d last longer than like a carton of milk,” Scaramucci told Colbert. “If you bought your eggs and you were cooking them the day I got fired, it was totally fine, right?”

Late-night comedians, including Colbert, had a field day with Scaramucci’s exit. “The front stabber has been back stabbed. He said he was going to fire everybody, and I gotta admit, he delivered,” Colbert joked in a tribute parody.

6. “I’m an honest person.”

One exchange was particularly awkward between Scaramucci and Colbert.

“You know this, ok? You just feel it from me, I’m an honest person,” the former Goldman Sachs financier said to Colbert, who quickly disagreed.

“Wait a second. Don’t use me as a character witness for you. I don’t know. I met you like five minutes ago,” this year’s Emmy Awards host replied.

7. Knife wielding promise-keeper

Scaramucci tweeted on Aug. 10 that he would bring Colbert a “professionally monogrammed front stabbing knife” — and he actually did.

“After he hit me so hard for three weeks, he thought I was going to stab him with that. That’s why it’s in the hermetically sealed case,” Scaramucci explained his gift that was encased in a glass box.

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