Melania Trump Reportedly Ignored 'Vogue' 's Anna Wintour During 2016 Trump Tower Visit, Book Claims

Journalist Amy Odell's biography sheds new light on an alleged feud between the former first lady and the famed fashion editor

Anna Wintour and Melania Trump
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Some bad blood between Melania Trump and Anna Wintour reportedly goes back to late 2016 when the Vogue editor failed to mention she'd be stopping by Trump Tower to meet with newly elected next president Donald Trump.

When Wintour arrived at the Trumps' Manhattan home, the future first lady gave her visitor the cold shoulder, according to the new book Anna: The Biography by journalist Amy Odell.

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, Melania's former friend and White House aide who later wrote a scathing tell-all about the first lady, spoke with Odell and said Melania was "so offended" that Wintour didn't inform her about the visit that she "didn't even say hello," according to Insider.

The famed fashion editor, whose magazine endorsed Trump's opponent former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton, had "begrudgingly reached out" to her long-term acquaintance Ivanka Trump after the 2020 election to plan the meeting.

Apparently, this bothered Melania a great deal because she'd appeared on the cover of Vogue ahead of her wedding years earlier. Since then, Melania had been invited to events associated with the magazine and its editor.

"Melania didn't understand that she had been invited to Anna's events not because she was a friend, but simply because she had appeared on the February 2005 cover of Vogue," Odell reportedly writes in her book, which was released this month.

Melania Trump, Donald Trump, and Anna Wintour
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Wolkoff wrote in her explosive memoir, Melania and Me, about an alleged rivalry between Melania and Ivanka. Through New York's fashion and social scenes of the early 2000s, Trump became friends with Wolkoff, who later followed her to Washington, helped plan Trump's inauguration and then joined the first lady's team before the friendship unraveled, all of which she covered in her book.

Before and after the Trumps entered the White House, Vogue's editorial team made two attempts to photograph Ms. Trump for the pages of the magazine, "once before Trump's inauguration and once after," Odell writes. "But in part since they wouldn't guarantee a cover, Melania wouldn't do it."

Wolkoff wrote previously about Melania's suspicion that landing another Vogue cover was never really a possibility — much less a sure thing — despite her status as first lady. According to her book, Melania said she'd heard that people at the magazine were jealous because she managed to pull off fashionable looks and look great despite some designers refusing to dress her.

"I don't give a f--- about Vogue or any other magazine. They would never put me on the cover. All these people are so mad," Melania reportedly said, according to Wolkoff's book.

Odell also writes in the biography that Wintour was so upset over Trump's win (and Clinton's loss) on Election Day 2016 that she cried in front of her staff the next day.

The U.S. Justice Department filed a lawsuit against Wolkoff in 2020, accusing the first lady's former friend and aide of breaking a non-disclosure agreement she signed with the government by publishing personal details about Trump in the memoir.

In Feb. 2021, the lawsuit was dropped.

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