January 02, 2018 04:44 PM

Just when you thought Walt Disney World’s animatronic Donald Trump had lived out his 15 minutes of fame — the faux president is having another moment on Twitter.

User @bornmiserable caught social media’s attention on Friday after sharing a collage of three real-life pictures of Trump bearing the photoshopped head of his animatronic double.

“I replaced .@realDonaldTrump with his Disney animatronic figure and honestly, it’s an improvement,” the Twitter user captioned their work.

After the initial post went viral, earning more than 13,000 retweets and 51,000 likes, @bornmiserable was asked to edit the robotic Trump head into other photos of the president.

It was a busy holiday for @bornmiserable as they shared photo after doctored photo of animatronic Trump into the late hours of New Year’s Eve.

The posts garnered plenty of praise from fellow tweeters, including one who commented: “I can’t breathe, these are incredible, well done!”

Some agreed that animatronic Trump “would be a much better president than the current office holder.”

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The animatronic President Trump made his debut earlier this month in Disney World’s “Hall of Presidents” attraction.

Social media had a field day ridiculing the Trump figure, which was described by one critic as a “rough-looking” Jon Voight.

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