The International Criminal Court's Trust Fund helps survivors of international war crimes with health services and more

Credit: FameFlynet

Angelina Jolie Pitt has moved her humanitarian efforts to the Netherlands, visiting The Hague to lend support to an organization that provides relief aid to victims of war crimes.

During the International Criminal Court meeting – Jolie Pitt’s fifth – the United Nations special envoy discussed the plight of survivors with the court’s Trust Fund for Victims, the organization announced Thursday.

The Trust Fund aids survivors of war crimes with health services, as well as vocational training, trauma counseling and reconciliation workshops.

“There can be no complete justice without consideration for the victims of the war crimes themselves, and the practical assistance they need to move on with their lives and overcome the harm they have suffered,” Jolie Pitt said in a statement. “That is why the work of the Trust Fund is important and must be supported and strengthened over time.”

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Jolie Pitt, 40, spoke with Trust Fund executive director Pieter de Baan, noting the importance of “practical assistance” for victims of sexual and gender-based violence.

“On behalf of the Trust Fund Board of Directors, I greatly appreciate the interest and support of Ms. Jolie Pitt to highlight the importance of justice to be meaningful for victim survivors,” Motoo Noguchi, the board’s chair, said.

The actress also met with United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon during her time at The Hague.

Jolie Pitt has been actively involved with multiple aid organizations working to help those impacted by the global refugee crisis. Earlier this year, the actress-director visited both Lebanon and Greece to meet with both countries’ respective prime ministers.

In Lebanon, Jolie Pitt met with Syrian refugees, providing comfort to those displaced.