July 07, 2017 03:57 PM

When the world’s biggest leaders come together under one roof, memes are bound to happen.

The social media star of Friday’s G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany, was undeniably German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who had two major meme-worthy moments — one with U.S. President Donald Trump and another with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The first viral moment came in the form of a photo of Merkel and Trump in which she appeared to be hiding her face in her hands in distress.

The Internet quickly launched a caption contest for the picture, with many agreeing on one sentiment: “Angela Merkel is all of us.”

In another trending moment that “gave life” to many Twitter users, Merkel was caught on camera apparently rolling her eyes at Putin.

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It’s unclear what the two leaders were discussing when the video was taken. But the Twitterverse was so into Merkel’s eye roll that one user suggested it deserved its own Nobel Prize, while another gave it the award for “most savage eye roll.”

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