October 10, 2017 01:13 PM

Real Housewives executive producer Andy Cohen has found his new muses — President Trump‘s first and third wives, Ivana and Melania.

The Watch What Happens Live host — who’s been keeping a running Twitter tally of all the times the president himself has pulled a page from Cohen’s “Housewives Playbook” — seemed overjoyed on Monday when tensions flared between the two women.

After Ivana insisted in a new Good Morning America interview that she would always be the president’s “first lady,” Melania’s director of communications, Stephanie Grisham, slammed Ivana’s comments and new book, Raising Trump, in a statement obtained by PEOPLE, calling them “attention-seeking and self-serving noise.”

A.k.a. Cohen’s bread and butter.

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“This is actually happening. All the wives are fighting,” Cohen tweeted in response to Grisham’s statement. “EVEN I AM SPEECHLESS.”

Once Cohen got his bearings, it became clear to him that there was only one person who could moderate such a war of words.

“Please call me. Let’s do this,” he implored Ivana, Melania and Trump’s second wife, Marla Maples, whom Ivana blasted in her book.

Cohen later appeared on Anderson Cooper 360° to discuss his qualifications as moderator.

“I watched all those Housewives reunions last year,” Cohen began before host Anderson Cooper interrupted: “Those were presidential debates, moderated presidential debates.”

“Okay, you can call them what you want but to me they looked like Housewives reunions,” Cohen joked.

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He then accused Cooper, who moderated a presidential debate between Trump and Hillary Clinton last year, of “stealing his bit.”

“The bit is that when things are going so scorched earth at a reunion — ‘Can you please say something nice about each other?’ — and that’s how you ended the debate,” Cohen said, referring to Cooper’s call for the candidates to “name one positive thing you respect in one another.”

“Sometimes that’s the only trick you have left,” Cohen said.

He then extended an “open invitation” to the first lady, “the honorary first lady, Ivana” and Maples to appear on TV with him to work out their “unresolved issues.” Ivana and Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, would also have a walk-on in Cohen’s Real Trump Wives reunion fantasy.

“Put me in the game, I can do this,” Cohen said.

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