"While I can't be with you, it is great to see you," Gov. Andrew Cuomo told his mother Matilda

By Karen Mizoguchi
May 10, 2020 06:34 PM

Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo had a special appearance during his daily briefing about the coronavirus pandemic.

On Sunday, for Mother's Day, Cuomo, 62, invited his mother Matilda to join his daily coronavirus briefing by video conference. "Happy Mother's Day to you mom. I miss you. I love you so, so much. I wish I could be with you but I can't be, but I can't be because I love you," said the politician, who was accompanied by his daughter Michaela.

The former first lady of New York, who was married to former New York governor Mario Cuomo, raved about her son Andrew's leadership. "I miss you, too. A lot. And your beautiful daughters," she said.

His daughters Cara and Mariah also called into the video conference to wish their grandmother a Happy Mother's Day.

During the briefing, Cuomo joked about being his mother's favorite son, making a slight dig at his younger brother Chris Cuomo. "I know I am your favorite deep down inside, but you don't want to say it," he said.

The father of three also made the joke on Instagram. "Happy Mother's Day, Mom. Love this photo of you with your favorite son ....and @chrisccuomo," he joked.

While on Twitter, Cuomo posted a sweet message to his mother Matilda. "Happy #MothersDay to my mother Matilda. While I can't be with you, it is great to see you. You have always been pure love. And to all moms: Whether separated by distance or staying home together, we love and appreciate you," he wrote.

The Cuomo brothers have been doing interviews with one another for the past two months, but because they're siblings, they manage to bicker every single time. The results have been entertaining (but still informative) interviews that, quite simply, make everyone who has ever had a sibling feel seen.

In a hilarious exchange on CNN, the anchor, 49, once pulled up a photo of a young Andrew, which embarrassed the governor so much that he had "no words" and even threatened to leave the interview.

On April 27, Chris revealed on Cuomo Prime Time that he was officially free of the coronavirus after initially testing positive for the respiratory illness in late March. At the time, he added that he was also found to have the two antibodies said to potentially protect him from reinfection.

And last month, Chris told his brother Andrew that the virus "worked through the family," telling him during an on-air interview that his son Mario, 14, and wife Christina had "the same symptoms." Chris later clarified that everyone is now "doing fine."