Throughout the new coronavirus pandemic, the New York governor has been interviewed by his younger brother on the latter's CNN show

The night before CNN host Chris Cuomo announced he had tested positive for the coronavirus, he was bickering and bantering with his big brother, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, as he has throughout the global pandemic.

The Cuomo brothers’ exchanges regularly turn into a spotlight on their family bond — complete with quips, snipes and snarking (even over their mom).

On Monday night, the siblings kept things a little lighthearted once again, this time when discussing if the governor had his sights set on becoming president at some point in the future.

“Are you thinking about running for president? Tell the audience,” Chris, 49, asked his brother, his tone ever-so-slightly sarcastic.

“No,” Andrew, 62, quickly responded.

“No, you won’t answer?” Chris asked, to which the governor again insisted that he was not looking to run for president.

“No, I answered. The answer is no. I answered the questions, sometimes it’s one word: No,” he said.

“How can you know what you might think about at some point right now?” Chris asked later in the interview.

“Because I know what I might think about and what I won’t think about,” Andrew responded, adding to his little brother, “You’re a great interviewer, by the way.”

“Appreciate it, learned from the best,” Chris shot back.

NY Governor Andrew Cuomo Chris Cuomo
Andrew Cuomo and Chris Cuomo
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The conversation then shifted to former Vice President Joe Biden, who is the front-runner to become the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee and face Donald Trump in November.

“I know Joe Biden for many years,” Gov. Cuomo said on CNN. “I worked with him when he was vice president. He has been a tremendous asset to the state of New York when he was vice president to President Obama. I’ve worked with him on a professional level, I know him personally. I can’t say enough good things about Joe Biden.”

“I think he’s a great public servant, I think he’s been extraordinary on a number of levels,” he continued. “I think he is a good man, I think he has a good heart.”

“He’s got to get through his primary, there’s a long race to go, we’ll see how this plays for the president,” Chris said.

Former Vice President Joe Biden

With New York becoming the epicenter of the coronavirus epidemic, home to more than 40 percent of all confirmed cases in the country and about 40 percent of the deaths, Gov. Cuomo has become the face of the nation’s state leaders, holding daily press conferences on how to combat the spread.

But now the outbreak has become even more personal with the governor, after Chris’ announcement Tuesday morning that he’s also tested positive for the virus.

Along with Chris’ case, there were more than 183,500 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the United States and 3,727 deaths in the U.S. by Tuesday afternoon, including 75,813 cases in New York and 1,550 deaths, according to available data.

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