Anderson Cooper gifted the world with a new viral GIF when he eyerolled White House counselor Kellyanne Conway during an interview Tuesday night on CNN


It’s the eye roll seen ’round the interwebs.

Anderson Cooper gifted the world with a new viral GIF when he rolled his eyes during a Tuesday night CNN interview with White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, following the breaking news of President Donald Trump’s abrupt firing of FBI Director James Comey.

Cooper, 49, questioned the Trump administration’s inconsistent statements about how Comey handled the Hillary Clinton email investigation. “Now your White House is saying that what he did was wrong, but previously as a candidate, Donald Trump was saying that was the right thing,” Cooper noted.

However, Conway skirted the issue, and instead boasted about how she predicted that Trump would win Michigan in 2016.

“You’re conflating two things that don’t belong together. Thanks for the trip down memory lane,” she said. “I was on your show often last fall saying we were going to win Michigan, and how we were going to do it. So that was fun.”

Late Late Show host James Corden applauded Cooper on Twitter. “Best. Eyeroll. Ever,” Corden wrote along with a link to the eye-rolling moment.

“Anderson’s epic eyeroll is just the reaction to Kellyanne we needed,” tweeted actor George Takei.

The eye roll wasn’t the only reaction of Cooper’s that caught viewers’ attention. The journalist and author gave a dumbfounded head shake after Conway said she was going to “ignore how unkind” it was that Cooper questioned as to why Trump’s remarks as a presidential candidate were no longer fair game to bring up.

Conway’s interview with Cooper was her return to the cameras as a visible surrogate for President Trump after an absence so mysterious it prompted Saturday Night Live to parody it last weekend with the Kate McKinnon-starring video, “Where in the World is Kellyanne?”