Amy Schumer also encouraged her fans to "write your congress" to push for change

Credit: Courtesy Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer is not standing down in her battle against gun violence, and is encouraging her fans to join her.

After uniting with her cousin, New York Sen. Chuck Schumer, on the steps of N.Y.C.’s City Hall on Sunday to promote their “crusade on guns,” the actress took to social media to share the pair’s outlined principles in the push for change.

During Sunday’s press conference, “Schumer & Schumer” (as they called themselves) urged Americans to use whatever means possible to push for and end to gun violence, according to the AP. The pair hope that the online campaign will create a groundswell that forces a vote early next year.

The senator also said he believes he already has the support of 40 senators, but will need 60 to pass a bill, reported the AP.

“Please join me and @SenSchumer in ending gun violence and tweet the hashtag #aimingforchange RT we can do this,” Schumer wrote alongside a photo with the politician.

The 34-year-old also shared the image with the senator to her Instagram, writing, “Please everyone post about #aimingforchange to end gun violence.”

Detailed in an infographic, Sen. Schumer’s plan proposes to “close background check loopholes,” which will “stop allowing criminals to avoid background checks at gun shows and online.”

Other points include “make background checks better” and “shut down the illegal gun pipeline.” The first change will stop “domestic abusers” from purchasing guns altogether, and require complete background checks on every and any sale. The senator’s plan will also make gun trafficking a federal crime.

“#aimingforchange use this hashtag please write your congress people. We need a public outcry,” the star wrote. “There have been 100 shootings since Lafayette.”

The comedian first teamed up with her cousin in August after the tragic shooting at a screening of her movie Trainwreck in Louisiana.

The proposed legislation would also create financial rewards for states that submit all required records to the background check system, and would penalize those that fail to do so.

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Schumer also responded to a user on Twitter, Saturday, revealing that her recent HBO special Amy Schumer: Live At the Apollo was dedicated to her niece and the two victims of the Lafayette shooting, 21-year-old Mayci Breaux and 33-year-old Jillian Johnson.