She is seeking to oust a congressman who changed parties to become a Republican after the impeachment of President Donald Trump

By Eric Todisco
July 09, 2020 05:01 PM
Amy Kennedy
Amy Kennedy for Congress

Amy Kennedy is the latest member of the long-serving Kennedy family to make a mark on American politics.

On Tuesday, the wife of Patrick Kennedy and daughter-in-law of Sen. Ted Kennedy won the Democratic primary in New Jersey's 2nd Congressional District, results show.

The former public school teacher and mother of five defeated science professor Brigid Callahan Harrison and former congressional aide Will Cunningham, the former of whom had the backing of the state's two senators, Cory Booker and Bob Menendez.

Amy, meanwhile, had the backing of Gov. Phil Murphy.

In November's general election, Amy will face Republican Rep. Jeff Van Drew, who defected from the Democratic Party over the impeachment of President Donald Trump.

According to Fox News, New Jersey's 2nd Congressional District, which includes Atlanta City, tends to lean conservative. Trump, 74, won there in the 2016 presidential election by less than five points, despite losing the state overall.

Following news of her victory on Tuesday, Amy shared photos on Twitter of herself celebrating with husband Patrick, 52, and her children.

"I'm so grateful for my family, my community and the overwhelming support in South Jersey," she wrote. "I am ready to fight with you. I am ready to fight for you. I am ready to take on Jeff Van Drew."

Amy Kennedy
Amy Kennedy/Twitter

According to The Wall Street Journal, Amy largely campaigned on mental health issues and education. She also supports expanding the Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare.

"What the results tonight clearly show is that the people here in South Jersey are ready for change,” Amy said at her victory celebration, the paper reported. “We’re ready for better paying jobs, protection for our workers and access to affordable health care.”

Amy has been married to Patrick, a former eight-term Democratic Rhode Island congressman and the youngest son of the late Sen. Kennedy, since July 2011.

Together, the couple worked closely as education directors of The Kennedy Forum, devoted to improving mental health care policy.

Amy Kennedy
Amy Kennedy/Facebook

When announcing her campaign in a YouTube video in January, Amy specifically spoke about the importance of civility, the country’s ongoing mental health and addiction crisis and environmental issues.

“I can’t sit back and wait for things for change,” she said. “Everything is on the line.”