November 08, 2016 03:07 PM

Happy election night! Are you having fun? Most of Twitter isn’t. As is par for the course on the internet’s most shrill social media site, people are shouting their feelings loud and clear from the rooftops and, shockingly, many of them are not what you’d call, exactly, “restrained.” Even with incremental percents of states reporting and at least three hours until the generally-accepted time to call an election (around 11 p.m.), the people below are just not having a great night. Hopefully they find the right mix of uppers and downers to carry them through.

Since the primaries, Joanna. Since the primaries.

Ultimately, this is a dangerous game for anyone to play during media coverage of virtually any event.

Bernie can’t help you now.

Honestly something we’d all do well to keep in mind.

You’ll understand if you have your passport at the ready right now.

Surprised no one made this pun earlier in the day.

And the clap emoji makes its first appearance in our Twitter feed.

We’ll always have his appearance on Between Two Ferns.

And the most over-the-top political cartoon of the night goes to this guy.

Presented without comment.

The write-in candidate we can all get behind.

This, for the record, is our current mood.

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