Actress Laura Marano Says She Would 'Definitely' Do a Reboot of the Disney Channel Show 'Austin & Ally'

The star of Netflix romantic comedy The Royal Treatment reveals her desire for more of the hit sitcom, which ended its four-season run in 2016, in a new episode of the PEOPLE Every Day podcast

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Actress Laura Marano is currently getting buzz for her role in the hit Netflix romantic comedy The Royal Treatment, which has spent two weeks on top of the streaming platform's Top 10 list. But she's used to getting attention for her small-screen star turns; after all, she came to fame on the Disney Channel series Austin & Ally, which ran for four seasons between 2011 and 2016.

During a new episode of the PEOPLE Every Day podcast, Marano told host Janine Rubenstein that she'd be happy to go back to make beautiful music with the cast of Austin & Ally again.

"I have been acting since I've been five, so some people have seen me in stuff like Superbad, a show called Without A Trace — but Austin & Ally's probably the biggest one," she says. "And I would definitely do a reboot, one hundred percent!"

Marano starred as the shy songwriter Ally Dawson opposite Ross Lynch's more gregarious singer Austin Moon, who combine her skills with his charisma to form a bestselling musical act. The co-stars have remained close in the years since Austin & Ally went off the air, having most recently reunited at an October album release party for Lynch's band The Driver Era.

Art also reflects life for Marano, who is a talented singer and songwriter in addition to acting; she released the duet "Worst Kind of Hurt" with Wrabel in January. She reveals that she hopes to get more music out later this year and is grateful to the fans who have supported her songs since her Disney days.

"Honestly, they have been the reason I have continued to do stuff, especially when it comes to music," she says. "They are so passionate and so committed."

The Royal Treatment
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Fans also get to hear Marano's singing abilities in The Royal Treatment thanks to her original song "Dance With You" on the film's soundtrack. With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic continuing to deter people from heading to movie theaters, Marano is just happy to provide people a respite from the chaos from the comfort of home.

"It's such an intense time... I just think we all need a little joy and a little escapism," she says about the romantic tale of a New York hairdresser and a European prince. "I really hope people watching it just have a smile on their face and get to feel joy."

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