Each of the animals have their own pumpkin-eating style

By Kelli Bender
October 17, 2019 03:53 PM

Wild animals enjoy a good gourd as much as the next fall-obsessed individual.

Residents at the ZSL London Zoo were recently treated to a festive snack. The zoo’s pygmy hippos, tigers and lemurs were given their own jack-o-lanterns ahead of Halloween.

Instead of setting the carved pumpkins on the stoops of their exhibits, the animals happily gobbled up the ghoulish goodies. Much like a Reese’s peanut butter cup you would pick up trick-o-treating, the pumpkins inspired the critters to show off their different snacking styles.

Asim the tiger batted around his big, orange ball of a pumpkin before sinking his teeth and claws into the gourd, while the ring-tailed lemurs took a few moments to admire the carvings before noshing on the treats for breakfast.

Credit: ZSL London Zoo
Credit: ZSL London Zoo
Credit: ZSL London Zoo

Nicky the pygmy hippo didn’t waste her time on gourd-gazing, she powerful jawed her way through a whole patch of pumpkins before taking a break from the festive buffet.

Credit: ZSL London Zoo

“Our pygmy hippo Nicky had fun stomping on and chomping her way through her own spooky squashes,” ZSL London Zoo’s Animal Operations Manager Angela Ryan said.

Gifting the pumpkins to the animals is part of the zoo’s slate of spooky, silly and fun Halloween celebrations.