Alan Diaz/AP
July 14, 2016 05:52 PM

While some Pokémon Go players are scaling zoo fences (and getting arrested) to catch Pikachus and Bulbasaurs, many others are enjoying the Poké perks of the nation’s zoos, without any criminal charges. 

Across the country, zoos are welcoming users of the popular app to visit the animals, get their steps in and catch rare virtual creatures. 

According to CW39, the Houston Zoo has mapped out 25 Poké stops (game checkpoints) behind its gates, so players can get all the pocket monster magic the zoo has to offer, while also taking in most of the park’s real life animals. 

Zoos in Detroit and Baltimore are helping to arrange events for Pokémon Go players to catch them all. The Maryland Zoo has started Pokémon Mornings, opening the zoo up to players from 10 -11 a.m. for a dedicated hour of pocket monster hunting, even setting out lures in the facility to attract more Pokémon for visitors. 

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Other zoos are getting on the bandwagon as well, after noticing their guests’ devotion to the game, and the amusing juxtaposition of real animals beside imaginary ones. So make sure to check out your local zoo’s social media to see what it has planned for all the Pokémon fanatics out there. 

While the zoos do appreciate the increase in business, they remind all Pokémon Go players to stay alert while using the app, to avoid endangering themselves and the animals


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