They’re tagging it with “#JurassicZoo”

By Alex Heigl
Updated June 18, 2015 05:15 PM

One of the more mildly ridiculous aspects of Jurassic World – a film in which great white sharks are kept on hand as a food supply for the park’s attractions – was Chris Pratt’s velociraptor training routine, which as far as we could tell consisted of waving his hands at them.

Given that the image was one of the more prominent and widely circulated of the film’s early promotional campaign, it makes sense that it’s ripe for parody. And the nation’s zookeepers have risen to the task, posting pictures of themselves recreating the scene – with considerably less dangerous animals. (#Prattkeeping, #JurassicZoo and #CleverGirls are the best hashtags to have come out of it so far.)

And Pratt, because he’s a being of pure light and goodwill, Tweeted about the meme.

Even non-zookeepers can get in on the fun!

The gag is definitely funnier with animals less threatening than velociraptors, though one zookeeper didn’t seem to get that message.

Now please excuse us while we go find a great white to feed to a Mosasaur.