The duo receives around-the-clock care while staying with Jimmy Robinson

By People Staff
Updated April 02, 2012 08:00 PM

Life with two owls at home sure seems like a hoot!

Zookeeper Jimmy Robinson is caring for a pair of six-week-old orphaned owls after they were hatched in an incubator at the Hawk Conservancy Trust in Andover, England. The 25-year-old animal expert, who himself works at Longleat Safari Park, has been providing 24-hour care to the two since welcoming them in.

“As I spend so much time with them, they do look at me as their surrogate mum and will follow me around the house or sit on my shoulder,” he told the Daily Mail of the duo, nicknamed Linford and Christie. “They always seem to find me at meal times.” RELATED: Meet Knut’s Half-Sister, Anori!

In addition to bonding with Robinson, the pair also seems to have adjusted nicely to their new surroundings.

“Teacups and bookcases are a particular favorite,” he says of their preferred hangouts. “They also enjoy the security of sitting inside their teacups and sugar bowls and like to find small spaces on my bookshelf and in between my DVD collection to snuggle up into.”

As part of his responsibilities, Robinson has been bringing Linford and Christie with him to work, and even waking up in the middle of the night to feed them bits of mice and chicken.

“Basically, I have had to have them with me 24 hours a day, every day,” he says.

But that will soon change when the owls grow into their wings in the next month. Upon reaching maturation, the pair will reunite with similar birds of prey at Longleat Safari Park.

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