Tourists threw rocks at Xiao the crocodile because they thought the animal wasn't real

By Kelli Bender
November 07, 2018 02:55 PM

A saltwater crocodile living at a zoo in China was cruelly attacked by tourists recently.

According to NewsFlare, the 37-year-old reptile, named Xiao, was resting in his enclosure. The animal was so still that zoo guests began to think the crocodile wasn’t real. Some tourists decided to throw rocks at the crocodile until he bled in an attempt to find out if the animal was real or not.

The tourists responsible for the heartbreaking act fled once Xiao started bleeding.

The zoo reported the incident to local police, who are currently searching for the culprits. Not only is Xiao a victim in this situation, but he is also an endangered species, which makes the attack a more serious offense.

Xiao, who was left with wounds on his head and feet, is being treated by his keepers and is expected to recover.