May 10, 2018 11:19 AM

Mother’s Day is almost here, and baby zoo animals already have all their gifts figured out. No shopping necessary.

Based on these photos from the Memphis Zoo it seems like zoo babies the world over are planning on presenting cuddles, kisses, naps and hugs to their moms this Sunday.

While we suggest at least getting your mom a card (moms love cards), taking a cure from these cuties and showing your mom you care through a hug isn’t bad either.

Even better, look through these adorable animal photos with your mom, everyone enjoys a precious mom-and-child animal photo.

Get your awws ready!

Giraffe Akili and Her Baby Bogey

Courtesy Memphis Zoo

Moments after birth, Bogey is getting the first of many kisses from his mom.

Hippo Binti and Her Baby Winnie

Courtesy Memphis Zoo

Winnie has a little growing to do to match mom, but right now she is her mini-me.

Sumatran Orangutan Jahe and Her Baby Rowan

Courtesy Memphis Zoo

No one gets how you like to be cuddled quite like mom. Right, Rowan?

Langur Tanah and Her Baby Ripley

Courtesy Memphis Zoo

The power of mom hugs span across many species

Giraffe Wendy and Baby Wakati

Courtesy Memphis Zoo

Don’t forget to remind your mom how special she is on Sunday, and let her give as many forehead kisses as she wants. It’s her day!

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