September 15, 2016 04:52 PM

Zombie Cat’s new life can officially start.

The feline, whose real name is Bart, made headlines in January 2015 when he seemingly came back from the dead by digging himself out of the grave he was buried in for five days, hence the “Zombie Cat” moniker.

Investigation into the mystery of the undead kitty revealed that Bart was hit by a car and was presumed dead by his owners, who buried the cat shortly thereafter. The only issue was that Bart wasn’t dead at all, just severely injured.

When Bart came crawling back to his home, covered in dirt, his owner immediately took him to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, reports Fox 13. After learning of the cat’s second coming, the shelter argued Bart shouldn’t return to his original home. A 20-month-long legal battle ensued for custody of the cat between Bart’s original owners and the Humane Society.

In the end, the Humane Society settled the case out of court and was able to keep Bart and adopt him out. Now, fully-healed and no longer zombie-like, Bart is ready to move into his new home. He was adopted by a Humane Society employee who had been fostering the feline and officially moved into his forever home on Wednesday.

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