At Least 6 Zebras Are on the Loose in Maryland After Escaping From a Local Farm, Officials Say

One family saw at least three zebras wandering around their yard in the town of Upper Marlboro, Maryland

Zebras reportedly on the loose in Prince George's County after escaping from farm
Photo: FOX 5 Washington DC/YouTube

A group of at least six zebras is on the loose in a Maryland community after breaking free from a private farm last week, reports NBC4.

Six zebras were spotted by an NBC4 helicopter on Tuesday while grazing in a field near the town of Upper Marlboro.

Chief Rodney Taylor of Prince George's County Animal Control told WUSA9 that the legally-owned animals escaped from a farm in the area and have been on the loose for several days.

On Aug. 31, police received a call about at least one zebra running in front of a vehicle along Croom Road.

Layla Curling of Upper Marlboro told NBC4 that she did a double-take when she caught a glimpse of a zebra in her backyard two days later while looking out a window in her home.

"I thought it was a deer for a second, and then I saw it was a zebra — a whole zebra right next to our playground right next to the fence," she explained. "So, I ran upstairs to get a better look up there, and then I said, 'Mom, there's, like, a zebra outside our playground,' and she didn't believe me and said I was crazy.

Her mother, Alexis Reed Curling, confirmed that three zebras had entered their yard. She called 311 and said the dispatcher "thought I was crazy."

"She paused for a long minute. I said, 'Ma'am, I am not drinking. I have not had any drugs. I have zebras in my backyard walking on the train tracks," she told NBC4. "I just wanted to know what service could come out because I didn't want them to get hit, and she paused for a long time and then said, 'OK, here's the number.' "

Paul Curling, Layla's father, shared a video of the zebras roaming their property with FOX 5 DC.

"I thought maybe you know she's been in the house too long or she's having a fever or something. So she says, 'I'm gonna send you a video,' " he told the outlet.

"One of my first thoughts was, 'Well, maybe somebody had a birthday party, and they painted some horses for some four-year-olds or something because there's no way in the world some zebras could be here in upper Marlboro just roaming around like deers,' " the Maryland dad added.

Additional reports about the zebras' whereabouts were made on Tuesday, per NBC4.

The animals are now congregated in a local field where animal control has put together a feeding station that will hopefully allow officers to corral the animals.

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