It took the picture's photographer days to spot the zebra

By Kelli Bender
August 20, 2018 04:13 PM
Credit: SWNS

You think stark stripes would make you easy to spot, but one zebra has found a way to blend in and hide from predators.

According to a press release, wildlife photographer Ingo Gerlach captured a sneaky zebra and didn’t even realize it until long after taking this shot.

The photographer from Luxembourg was visiting Kenya’s Maasai Mara when he came upon a huge herd of wildebeest. Over the course of two hours, Gerlach took more than one hundred shots of the massive group, which likely held more than 1,000 wildebeests.

Among these horned animals was one unique member. While looking over his numerous shots of the herd after he returned home, the photographer spotted a zebra rear hiding amongst all those brown behinds.

Credit: SWNS

If if took a trained eye days to spot it, it’s safe to say that this zebra found the perfect way to hide in plain sight.