A group of Aussie revelers captured footage of a possum chowing down on some pizza recently

December 08, 2016 02:47 PM


Honestly, it’s difficult to keep track of where we are in the “Random Animal Eats Pizza” cycle. At this point, it’s probably safer to say that every living creature walking the planet enjoys pizza, rather than trying to say, “Pizza X is the new Pizza XYZ.”

First, there was Pizza Rat, as we all remember. Then, of course, there was Pizza Rat Redux and things just snowballed from there. Well, the latest comes from our jolly friends Down Under, the Australians, who’ve documented one of their native possums — as opposed to the American opossum — snacking down on a cheesy slice, and it’s just adorable.

Melanie Dinjaski, a journalist and producer at Fox Sports Australia, was out at a friend’s birthday party when the magic happened.

“We basically just stood out of the way and watched it, and then it just hopped up onto the table and made a move for a pizza slice,” she told HuffPo Australia. “We started moving the food away, but he didn’t flinch the whole time, it just held onto that pizza slice.”

Dinjaski sums it up in the best possible way you can sum up any Australian encounter: Straya.

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